Do you know what your body is saying, what message it is sending to your mind and to other? The signals it shares?

                   Body aware teaches you to listen to more than the aches and pains, the tightness and tensions that generally demand your attention.

It invites you to carefully consider your body, and face unlocking the potential it has to bring about change, and discovering the secrets it has been sharing with anyone who would listen, including total strangers .

                   In the Body Talk section we take you through to techniques that help you to relax your body, engage (and disengage) your mind and alter the body message so that the signal is consciously transformed into a message of openness, confidence, capability, positivity and potential.

But first you need to listen, hear and understand.

Thats right! The question is how does your body feel? And why?

Why explores how your body found it’s way into this state, and what message it is sending to yourself and others, purposefully or unintentionally..?

The reason is that by listening to how your body feels and the message it is sending you become more mindful of and attentive to the emotions you are both experiencing and expressing, and the response it is evoking internally and externally.

It is also key in changing the message. But before changing it let’s decipher for the message itself.


(the password for these pages can be found in the workbook, available on iTunes for iPhone or iPad, and online for the web)