Your body is constantly acting and reacting to the world around you and the world inside you, as it shifts to respond based on how you perceive what is happening and how you feel about  yourself.

Attending to this means being willing to listen to and learn from your body, something which is rewarded by not only the insights you will uncover, but also the power to consciously shift the message and change your experience.

This includes learning to relax using your body as a tool to unwind tight muscles and tense thoughts. But it also involves learn to use your everyday breathing, posture and facial expressions to communicate confidence, compassion, optimism and resilience to the emotional centres of your mind, as well as to those around you.

The direct consequence of this is to shift the response of the world around you, as others react to the new message you are sending, and a shift in your own experience of self.

To prove this simply take a look at someone who appears to you to have achieved success, who seems to be self assured and optimistic. Consider their posture and pose, and compare this to someone whom you regard as struggling with whatever hardships they currently face.

Then take the time for just a moment to imitate the body language of both. First assume the pose that expresses self confidence, standing tall and holding your head up high. Adjust your stance to express self pride with shoulders back and arms comfortably extended to reach out and take on the world.

If this pose is unfamiliar to you, your body will feel awkward and uncomfortable as your muscles stretch to adjust, and your emotional brain tries to interpret this shift.