Quietening your emotions can be hard, especially when they seem to be so loud and all consuming that they appear to block out everything else, including rational thought.

But to quieten them you need to hear them, understand them and then redirect attention away from them. The reason you turn your attention away is not to ignore the emotion but to redirect what is your primitive brain so that your rational brain can respond more effectively.

So what is this primitive brain? It is the part of your mind responsible for basic ‘functions’ like breathing, body temperature, heart rate, alertness energy and you guessed it emotions.

The question is how do you re-direct your primitive brain. The answer is quite simple really. Stop for a moment and turn your attention to the bodies basic functions, and ask which of these can you control?

One of the easiest of these is your breathing, simply go ahead and hold your breath for a moment and you will see just how controllable it is.

But controlling your breathing will achieve far more that simply redirecting your primitive brain because by altering your breathing pattern, your primitive brain will have a new set of data to decipher and interpret.

This is because your breathing provides your mind with information on how you are feeling, and how you are feeling influences how you breath.

So we encourage you to mindfully explore how it is that you breath, in different emotionally charged situations, and your day to day basic breathing pattern. What you will discover is that your habitual breathing style reflects an emotional state, so it is important to recognise which one.

It is also meaningful to discover, practice and implement different breathing techniques that you can use to empower you, to regulate highly charged emotions, and to help restore your over stimulated and over worked mind (and body).