In order to manage your feelings and emotions you need to understand them better. This does not give them more power, in fact it is the opposite. It gives you more insight into and influence over your Feelings

This is essential because feelings are the cornerstone of who we are. They move us to act and color our experiences, they are our messengers of meaning, the Why of what we do! 

 So stop for a moment and consider what it is you would be able to achieve if you could tap into this more effectively. This is our goal, with workbook exploring feelings in a way that illustrates their meaning and power as influencers, motivators and communicators, opening the door to understanding emotion and engaging with feelings so that you can manage them and yourself more effectively.

The goal to recognize, reflect on and even regulate your emotions, not letting them overwhelm your power to choose, but powering your ability to achieve.

To do this we start with the basics, and this means considering core feelings and core function.

Remember ‘Don’t skip over these basics. As you explore you will be amazed at just how significant these fundamentals are and the clues and cues they provide.

Similarily we encourage you not to skip the numerous activities and practical exercises we have included throughout. This is because, while the knowledge primes you, on it’s own it will not bring about change. Instead you need tools, techniques and practices, and uncovering and developing skill with these is central to this program.

So each and every concept is backed by practical exercises that we encourage you to try out, giving yourself the chance of feeling the difference and experiencing the benefits.

But where do we start? We start by exploring the facial expressions and body language, as we take you on a journey that will help you to become more cognisant of your emotions. Increasing your awareness and ability to read the message, as well as power to respond based on choice. In other words once you have heard what these emotions are telling you, the goal is to choose the appropriate response aligned with the outcome you want.

Emotions are messengers that provide both the energy and motivation to act. But they should not determine how you act. That should be your choice” – InnerApps

So engaged awareness is about enabling you to act as you choose and not about being driven by the emotions themselves. However to choose you have to recognise, understand and acknowledge your feelings. So let’s begin.

We start with Surprise, a basic feeling, and an emotion that is almost exclusively about directing attention. Quite revealing in that way, just take a look.

One of the most noticeable features of surprise is the eyes, which are open wide. In fact as you make the expression of surprise you will notice how the first thing you do is raise your eyebrows and open up your eyes to ‘look surprised.’

But did you know that this is because the main function of surprise is to interrupt an ongoing action (what you are doing) and reorient ATTENTION to a new, possibly significant event.

So how it look reflects its function, and a big part of feelings function is attention. In fact let’s take a look at the eyes of the other basic feelings, to see what they reveal about the function of that feeling, and in that particular feeling.